Ice Cream

528A Sydney Road 

Brunswick, VIC


Luther Burbank, the father of classical plant breeding, gave us 120 types of plums, 18 peaches, 28 apples, 500 hybrid roses, 30 cherries, 34 pears, and many more. His most cultivated - The Russet-Burbank Potato - saved The Irish from potato famine.

A man of nature, he worked alongside the world, rather than on top of it, to enhance humanity.
In his own words “ What a joy life is when you have made a close working partnership with Nature, helping her to produce for the benefit of mankind new forms, colors, and perfumes in flowers which were never known before.”

At Luther’s we carry on in the tradition of Burbank, working with local producers, combining and experimenting with seasonal produce. We attempt to capture the spirit of his work in frozen treats that are always different and always good.

Local produce, direct from farmers, just tastes better. 



Where are the pies?

We're taking a break from pies for a few weeks! 

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Summer Flavours

- Apricot Sour-Cream

- Banoffee Pie

- Buffalo Yoghurt & Leatherwood Honey

- Fig Leaf & Strawberry

- Passionfruit &  Banana Custard 

- Malted Vanilla

- Malted Chocolate

- Butterscotch Ripple

- Dark Chocolate (Vegan)

- Pecan Caramel (Vegan)

- Vanilla Bean (Vegan)

- Strawberry Sorbet (Vegan)

- Watermelon & Strawberry Sorbet (Vegan)



We use local produce purchased directly from farmers wherever possible.

Some of our current suppliers:

- Bimbimbi Farm (organic strawberries)

- St David Dairy, Fitzroy

(farmed in Gippsland)

- Kookaberry Berry Farm, Yarra Valley

- Kingfisher Citrus - Mildura VIC

- Ripe n Ready Cherry Farm, Mornington Peninsula

- Just Picked Fruit, Yan Yean VIC