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What are your opening hours?

We always update our hours on Google (click here!)

For holiday closures, please see our Insta or FB page.

Why so strict with the pies?

The strict timing of the pies is mostly due to limitations of fridge space and oven space, and high demand for delicious pies!

The pies are made from scratch (including pastry) each day, this is very labour intensive, and requires extensive training. (we want them to be perfect!) Only offering the pies 5 days per week eases the pressure on our amazing pastry chefs and means we can achieve a higher standard on the days that we do offer pies.


We do our best to avoid cross contamination, but we're a small shop using only one set of equipment so we cannot completely guarantee that any of our products are allergen-free. 

Our staff in store can help let you know which flavours are made with what or feel free to email us if you need more detail.


What’s the deal with the pies?

We are done with pies for the year! We They will be back Autumn 2024

How do I pre-order?

Click here to pre order through Mr. Yum

Pre orders cut off at 2pm for that day, but spots are limited so will sometimes sell out earlier.

How about walk-ups?

We always save a few pies for walk ups. These are available from 5pm until we sell out. Sometimes we sell out really quickly, sometimes we have pies all night! 

If missing out on a pie is gonna ruin your night, we recommend pre-ordering to avoid disappointment.

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